Rezension: „Herrschaft und Alltag im vorkolonialen Zentralnamibia“

The Herero of today’s central Namibia have not always been a ‘cattle society’, largely centered upon the accumulation of livestock. They have become a cattle society only in the second half of the nineteenth century. This is the key insight of Dag Henrichsen’s study on Herrschaft und Alltag im vorkolonialen Zentralnamibia (“Rule and Everyday Life in Precolonial Central Namibia”). In unfolding his argument, Henrichsen explores social, political, economic, cultural, religious and military processes that transformed Herero society between about 1830 and 1890. And in doing so, he provides the most exhaustive history of that area in that time that has been written to this day…

…weiter bei: Journal of Namibian Studies 12 (2012)


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